About Us

London 1888 was started by Chris in October 2009.

Prior to creating the brand, Chris was involved in bands and had a day job screen-printing for a family owned company. His experience in creating his own bands' artwork in his spare time, and printing tees during the day, helped him to hone his skills at both talents. After being a regular attendee of horror conventions, and selling his own band merch while on tour, Chris decided to marry the two concepts and launched London 1888.

At first we specialized in select art prints and tees, building up the brand to be what it is today. Everything we'd sell would fit in our four door sedan, we then grew into a touring van, and now we freight ship our wares from conventions to music festivals all over America.

Our website launched in 2010, providing us the ability to reach people everywhere. Courtney joined London 1888 in 2014, bringing with her a flair for merchandising and a love of all things weird and colorful. Now we are at shows 30 weekends out of the year, and we ship our art all over the world. It is a hectic, circus life, but we really enjoy getting to share our love for horror and art with all of you.